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Understanding Moving Challenges

If you had to start moving tomorrow, how hard do you think it would be to get everything done on time? About a year ago, I started thinking about making some changes to our lives, and we decided to move across the country to explore some new places. It was intimidating at first, but after a few weeks of planning, things really started to fall into place. We were able to work through a lot of our moving challenges, and when moving day finally arrived, it felt great to put everything into the truck and get going. This blog is all about moving successfully.

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Helping Grandma Downsize? 3 Strategies For Packing Her Storage Unit

You love your grandmother, and it is an honor that she asked you to help her clean up her house. Yet, you can't help but worry about whether or not you are up to the task of helping her store her belongings. While storage units are available in many sizes, you want to make sure that all of her treasured keepsakes stay safe once they are packed away. As you begin to get started on your grandmother's cleaning project, use these tips to keep her storage unit organized as you fill it up.

Label Everything

Once a storage unit is filled, looking at stacks of boxes is overwhelming. When possible, use clear plastic bins so that you can see what each container has inside. For cardboard boxes, use labels to describe the contents. If a box contains multiple items, then write a detailed list of exactly what is inside. You can also snap a picture and post it on the outside of the box to provide an instant way of knowing what it contains without having to disrupt the packing tape.

Put Frequently Used Items Up Front

Accessing the items in a self storage unit is always easier when you don't have to go all the way to the back. Before you start packing the unit, talk to your grandma about which items she uses the most. Then, arrange your layout to reflect what will be coming out next. For instance, you might put seasonal decorations for the next holiday towards the front so that whoever picks them up next can just grab them without having to move too many things around.

Create a Copy of the Layout

Often, a senior adult will have someone else help them get things out of their storage unit. While you and your grandma may both know where everything is, it is possible that someone else will not. Help them out by creating a simple map of the unit that outlines where the major categories of items are located. This makes it possible for someone to find a needed box without having to disrupt the whole organization of your system.

Spending time with your grandmother helping her downsize is a great opportunity for bonding. Now, you can show her just how organized you are by knowing how to help her pack her storage unit for easy accessibility. While you may be surprised to discover just how much stuff your grandma owns, you will know exactly how to pack it to preserve its longevity.