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Understanding Moving Challenges

If you had to start moving tomorrow, how hard do you think it would be to get everything done on time? About a year ago, I started thinking about making some changes to our lives, and we decided to move across the country to explore some new places. It was intimidating at first, but after a few weeks of planning, things really started to fall into place. We were able to work through a lot of our moving challenges, and when moving day finally arrived, it felt great to put everything into the truck and get going. This blog is all about moving successfully.

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Tips For Packing Your Belongings For An Upcoming Move

Have the daunting task ahead of you of packing up everything before your residential moving company comes? If so, it will help to follow these tips to do it on your own.

Pad Boxes With What You Have On Hand

There is no need to buy a ton of bubble wrap to ensure that what you place into boxes will remain protected. You can always use things that you have on hand that are soft. For example, instead of packing all of the kitchen hand towels away in a box, use them to pad the fragile things that are in your china cabinet. Use a blanket to wrap a fragile vase before it goes into a box. You'll find this tip saves money and cuts down on how many boxes you need to pack.

Keep Clothes On Hangers

The process of removing your clothes from hangers is not only tedious, but takes up more space than it otherwise would in the moving truck. A quick way to pack up a closet is to leave as much on hangers as possible. You can place sections of your clothing into suit bags or trash bags to protect them from getting dirty, all while leaving the hangers exposed. When you get to your new place, the clothing can go right back into your closet with minimal unpacking.

Roll Up Clothing

Think that you can save space by neatly packing your remaining clothes before they go into boxes? This can actually end up taking up more space than the clothing otherwise would using other methods. Try rolling up your clothing so that it reduces the amount of space it takes up. It will also minimize wrinkles from the moving process.

Color Code Boxes

Don't waste your time writing on each box with a marker, since you'll likely be writing the same things over and over again. Instead, buy color-coded labels that you can stick onto the side of a box. You won't have to write the name of the room a dozen times when you can assign a color to each room. Simply slap on the label when you're done packing up.

Get Used Boxes

Moving supplies doesn't need to be expensive. You can save money by looking for people that are selling their used moving boxes. These boxes can get multiple uses out of them, so you'll easily save money by acquiring some used boxes and selling them yourself when you're done using them.